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The football debates raging within Gibraltar

By Callum Farrell – Back Page Football

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Representation of Gibraltar : They live their dream

By Vanja Bojanovic

The latest football nation , Gibraltar , finally got a chance to be part of major competitions . For the first time , they found themselves in qualifying for the European Championship , and their rivals Germany , Scotland , Poland , Georgia and Ireland .

To print richer soccer story , prevented them by Spain , which has opposed the idea of ​​Gibraltar playing  international matches . The Football Association Gibraltar one of the oldest in Europe . Was founded in 1895

Gibraltar for admission to the UEFA fought since 1999 . Temporary membership is granted to them in October 2012 , but was denied a full admission because they are against it were politicians from Spain , who wanted to prevent Gibraltar to become a member of UEFA .

Now, full members of UEFA, their football fairy tale is about to start .

30,000 people had a dream that one day they’d be  cheering their national team in a bigger competition , and that dream became a reality .

Brzevijesti spoke to  members GibFootballTalk , the players who play in the league Gibraltar Julian Fortuna ( Glacis United goalkeeper) , Aaron Payas ( footballer Lincoln Red Imps and the national team of Gibraltar ) , Sean Mascarenhas ( Glacis United footballer ) and coach football club Lions Gibraltar , Ryan Gonzalez .

Once they find out who their opponents in qualifying for the European Championship , the people of Gibraltar eagerly await the first match .

” People in Gibraltar are extremely excited about the group qualifying for the European Championship . Because it’s our debut in the qualifiers , the Gibraltar is gripped with football fever ! Everyone’s talking about qualifications ! ”

Although they are very excited about the next games , they know their capabilities and their expectations of the team. From the youngest and smallest member of UEFA can not expect great results …

” When you look at our group , we have a great opponent , so many people are already planning to travel at away games , as well as domestic . The players are excited to be playing against the big football names . It’s like a dream for them !

But we’re all realistic . Just because we drew with Slovakia , it does not mean that we expect such results in qualifying . We know it will be very difficult . The mentality of our opponents is much more serious . After all, most of our players are amateurs , and playing against profesionals. They as players are giving their best , the fans will be satisfied , regardless of the results . ”

Spain is , more or less , slowed the development of sport in Gibraltar , but they do not give up . The development of football , and sport in general , is in front of them !

” The most important thing is that we get a chance to play in a big competition . It was really frustrating not to be able to play abroad because Spain has always been opposed to any team from Gibraltar play in international club and national competitions (sport in general , not just football ) . This meant that our progress is not as good as it could have been . Now , the chance that we get from UEFA will provide the opportunity to our current and upcoming players to prove themselves . And for Gibraltar , it is the most important thing . For us , the acceptance by UEFA, is our victory . ”

Once accepted by UEFA, football league Gibraltar gained increasing popularity , which shows the interest of fans to visit the stadiums .

” People in Gibraltar are big fans of football . It is the most popular sport here .
The reputation of the national league is much increased after we became a member of the European home of football . Better players have started to come and it has led fans to watch more league matches in our country . I remember when I went to watch the match Lincoln – Lynx . The stadium was full . It was like looking representation of Gibraltar ! ”

Julian Fortuna had a chance to play for the national team Gibraltar in 2007, and it was for him one of the most beautiful moments in life .

” I have great memories as a player and as a fan . The first invitation to play for the national team Gibraltar got  . I played for the first time for his national team , and the feeling was amazing. I played the last 20 minutes in a friendly match against the champion of Finland , HJK . Although we lost 5-2 , I did not concede a goal , and those 20 minutes are the most emotional of my career . Now I have 29 years, and I play in the premier league in Gibraltar , but the national team goalies are very good . It will be difficult to get a call back to the first team of Gibraltar . ”

For fans of Gibraltar , the win against the Faroe Islands in 2011 was something special , because it was the first win against a member of UEFA . But there is also the first game played by the Gibraltar as a full member of the European home of football !

” As a fan , watch Gibraltar to win in the friendly against the Faroe Islands , 2011. year , it was really special .

We won 3-0 , and one of my best friends , Aaron Payas , scoring the first goal . Now I can say that my friend scored the first goal ever in Gibraltar against members of UEFA !

Also , Gibraltar draw with Slovakia was something special . It was our first game since we became members of UEFA, and draw with a team from the third hat is really an amazing achievement for us . The team ‘s defense was excellent and Gibraltar is proud of the players who have returned as heroes ! The result was only confirmed as Gibraltar is serious when it comes to football . ”

This small Mediterranean country living the dream . Now would be a dream of many football players , who imagined himself playing against football greats , true. A Gibraltar will finally be able to experience the charm of the great competition and we are proud to cheer on the team.

Thanks to Vanja Bojanovic

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Get to know Gibraltar, the newest European national team

by Paulo Freitas


A small peninsula in Southern Spain under English control will play their first official competition, the 2016 European Qualifiers,

A small peninsula in Southern Spain, with a population of 30,000 people, will try to qualify for the 2016 European Championship, which will take place in France. The place called Gibraltar, a small piece of land under British control since 1713.

It was recognized by UEFA only May last year and although it’s not affiliated to FIFA, Gibraltar’s national team are in Group D, they will face Georgia and traditional teams such as Germany, Ireland, Poland and Scotland.

Allen Bula, the Gibraltar manager celebrated:

We are finally here, it might sound a bit surreal but it’s the reality, being able to play against Germany is one of the best things that could have happened to us, everyone will keep an eye on us.

The new member of UEFA was involved in a curious event during the Qualifiers draw, Gibraltar were drawn in the same group as Spain, but due to the Spanish history of conflicts with the peninsula, UEFA decided to move the new national team (Gibraltar) to another group.

John Shepard, editor of the ‘Gibraltar Chronicle’ explained:

There wouldn’t have been any problem, people from both sides of the border have good relations here, the problems are caused mainly by the politicians.

Gibraltar didn’t do poorly in their first official game, in November 2013 they tied 0-0 with Slovakia, a team that played the 2010 World Cup. The team will face the Faroes Islands on Saturday, and Estonia next Wednesday, both on official FIFA dates.

The manager [Allen Bula] said:

We have to show Europe that we deserve to be here, it will be a tough job but I hope we can get some points.

With the word

John Shepard

Editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle (GIB)

We mix technique with strength

Although our league is amateur, we have a team with good players, we love Brazilian football and we try to mix technique with the strength of English style. I hope the visibility our football we have now will help the teams attract sponsors, Gibraltar will have a big challenge from now on.

With the word

Tanguy Baghidadi

Professor of International Politics

Gibraltar is the gate of the Mediterranean

You just need to look at the map to find out about the strategic importance of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean is the commercial heart of Europe and that means to the British that they have to keep controlling its gate. Spain, on the other hand, want to take Gibraltar again because of this commercial route and thus control the flow of ships into the Mediterranean.

British Protectorate

Population: 29,431 people

Área: 6.8 Km²

Language: English

Currency: British pound


Spain ceded the control of Gibraltar to the UK for a non-determined period, through the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

Closed Border

When Francisco Franco ruled Spain between 1939 and 1976, the land access to the peninsula was closed, it was only opened again in 1985.


Voting took place twice, in 1967 and 2002, to determine the sovereign of Gibraltar. The population chose to remain under British control.

A massive thank you to Paulo Freitas for translating the article for us. The original article can be viewed from the link below:

Original article


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