Manchester 62 FC


Established: 1962

Twitter: @Man62FC

Gibraltar Premier Division: [7]

1975, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1995, 1999

Rock Cup: [3]

1977, 1980, 2003

Chairman: John Charles Camilleri
Manager: Aaron Asquez
Assistant Coach: David Ochello

Currently managed by a Manchester legend, this team is surpassing all expectations with some impressive wins that has made everyone sit up and take notice. The star signings of Yogen Santos, Jack Sargeant and Kevin de los Santos and the return of the injury prone Matthew Reoch have given this young team a very much needed injection of experience.

Other key players include the likes of Jeremy Lopez, Lython Marquez and Paul Podesta.

Manchester has always been a team with a lot of grit and determination and its players will always give their all, and a bit more, for the cause. Their loyal fans, always sat/standing in the same area of the stands, ensure that every single match is played with the highest intensity.

In addition to this, Aaron Asquez and David Ochello (both recently qualified UEFA B coaches) are now working on developing the technical and tactical side of the team. Manchester is a developing team and if they can keep hold of their key players, they will quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

Regular Starting XI:


GFT team rating: 7/10


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