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Left to right: Julian Fortuna, Aaron Payas, Vishal Aswani (Sponsor), Sean Mascarenhas, Ryan Gonzalez

Left to right: Julian Fortuna, Aaron Payas, Vishal Aswani (Sponsor), Sean Mascarenhas, Ryan Gonzalez

GibFootballTalk (GFT) has been created by 4 Gibraltarian football fans looking to fill the vacuum which exists in respect of coverage of Gibraltar football.

Football fans in Gibraltar, and outside Gibraltar, are not privy to the ins and outs of Gibraltar football and there has never been any media service providing in-depth information, statistics, rumours and updates.

GFT’s objective is to provide constant updates, via Twitter and Facebook, on everything and anything related to Gibraltar football, including:
– live updates on National Team matches;
– live updates on Premier Division matches;
– Premier Division and Second Division league tables;
– Premier Division top goalscorers chart;
– transfer rumours, etc.

GFT will also record podcasts at least on a bi-weekly basis covering recent matches and events in Gibraltar football and will also discuss European football. In addition, special guests will be invited to talk about Gibraltar Football and past and present players will be interviewed so that followers can hear their stories as told by them.

GFT also has a blog where different types of articles are posted. Here you will find posts on, among others, tactical analysis of matches, information on clubs and periodic reviews of the leagues.

As we develop we will be looking to start a YouTube channel where we intend to start uploading match highlights, goals and interviews.

Here is a brief introduction to the GFT team:

The Presenter / The Stat King / The Keeper

Julian Fortuna is the presenter and the man with all the stats you can wish for. If he doesn’t know them by heart, he will have a bookmark on his browser which will get him to the statistic he is looking for. Currently Glacis Utd FC’s keeper, there are not many who are more passionate football fans than he is.

The Player / The International

Aaron Payas currently plays for Lincoln FC and is vice-captain of the Gibraltar National Squad. He provides GFT with the insider knowledge on the National team and is known for providing detailed analysis of football matches and football matters generally.

The Straight-talker / Feti

Sean Mascarenhas (aka Feti) will always tell it as it is (or at least as he sees it). Whether you like it or not is up to you. He is a breath of fresh air as he often provides a different opinion to the other GFT members. Sean is an old fashioned centre-back currently plying his trade at Glacis Utd FC.

The Coach / Racs

Ryan Gonzalez (aka Racs) is a former football and cricket player and is currently the first team coach at Lions Gibraltar FC where he is also undertaking his coaching badges. He provides GFT with insightful tactical analysis and behind the scenes information on how coaches and managers prepare for games and training. Ryan is extremely popular in Gibraltar as a DJ in which he forms one half of the popular DJ duo Racs&Lima.

We really do hope that you enjoy GFT and the work we do. We encourage you to email us with any requests and comments on how we could improve. GFT has been created by football fans for football fans so our goal is to always remain faithful to what the fans really want.

Contact us:

Follow us on:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gibfootballtalk @GibFootballTalk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gibfootbalktalk
Blog: https://gibfootballtalk.wordpress.com
Podcasts: http://gibfootballtalk.podomatic.com


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq6SNN6h9x_tLBzJIZYnHg


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