2nd Division Cup

2ndDiv Cup

Congratulations to Lions Pilots, Winners of the 2nd Division Cup 2014


Players: Back Row (Left to Right): Aidon Garcia, Karl Gaivsio, Stefan Oliva, Kenneth Chipolina, Keith Medhurst, Aidan Casey, Jovan Buttigieg. Front: (left to right): Colin Machin, Ciaran Benyunes, Javagn Apap, John Ronco




5 Responses to 2nd Division Cup

  1. What is the opinion of football fans in Gibraltar on the Premier Division Cup and the 2nd Division Cup? Can the Rock Cup de designed to hold more matches?

    • The Rock Cup can’t be expanded as it already includes all of the teams in Gibraltar Senior Football. In addition, the fixture list is quite congested and with only one stadium for fixtures, expansion will be tough.

      The Premier cup has lost its appeal this season due to the Rock Cup having the Europa League spot allocated to it.

      The 2nd Division cup is a great competition for 2nd tier teams as it allows them to challenge for another piece of silverware. Red Imps are in the final this year, so it shows that if you can string a few results when it matters, even the team in last place can win a trophy

  2. Thank you for your reply and of course for the great work you for the good of Gibraltar football. When I ment the Rock Cup being expanded I meant groups to have more matches if the Premier Cup could be scrapped.As for the silverware for 2nd Division you`re right.

    • No Problem! We are more than happy to provide the insight into Gib Foootball that the public deserve!

      Traditionalists of the game would not be happy with a format change to the Rock Cup. Plus, perhaps the idea of a league expansion in future could mean the Premier Cup having a Europa league spot allocated to it.

  3. for the great work you DO for the good………

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